Group Health Insurance

In recent years, companies have seen a dramatic increase in the cost of providing health care benefits to their employees. With the changing face of health insurance in today’s market, we continue to stay abreast of the latest developments that will affect the coverage you expect as well as the cost impact upon you.

Companies that offer comprehensive health insurance to their employees typically have a lower turn-over rate in staff because of this dependency on health care coverage. In fact, the two primary reasons that employers offer health insurance are to attract qualified employees and reduce their turn-over rates.

The number of employees insured under the group health plan may also determine the types of coverage available to the employer, as well as the per-employee premium. Usually, a company with between 2 to 50 employees is classified as a small business Some large corporations may choose to self-insure and only use the insurance carrier to administer the health plans and benefits.

We have the best health insurance markets available in our area, and we will always present to our customers the best options at the best price available.

May 22nd, 2024 by The Diamond Benefit Group